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Crash Wing

Crash Wing,US Patent Issued In 1997

The upside of riding a motorcycle is the feeling of complete freedom. You can feel the wind in your hair as you ride, unencumbered by the confines of a car. But if you crash into something while cruising down the road, the motorcycle stops and you are sent flying through the air.

The downside of your complete freedom is Newton’s Law of Gravity. What goes up, must come down.You will quickly come to a crashing, painful halt.

But wait…if you had strapped on your Crash Wings, our story could have had a happy ending. When you were ejected from the motorcycle, a para-wing popped open and it’s lifting action glides you away from the crash site and floats you back to earth safely.

Dog Holds Spot

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(Stolen) Dinosaur Footprint

Swiss archeologists were in a state of high anxiety after thieves stole traces of a dinosaur footprint from an excavation site.The theft took place overnight last Sunday.The footprint was left by a three-tonne Allosaurus dinosaur around 152 million years ago.It is about 40 centimetres wide by 70 centimetres long, said Wolfgang Hug, chief archeologist at the dig site in Courtedoux, Jura in northwestern Switzerland.

Japanese invention that "never quite took off" - The Hair Blocker

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World Toilet Organisation (WTO) founded in Singapore

Singaporean entrepreneur Jack Sim poses next to a sign proclaiming the World Toilet Organization (WTO), in July,2007, which he founded in Singapore. The 50-year-old Singaporean entrepreneur is founder of the oddly-named World Toilet Organisation,the other WTO,and his name card comes with a logo depicting a blue toilet seat.

Upcoming : World Toilet Summit 2007

Adjusting To A New Baby

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